Ok, so for all the pain Google puts us through, it also gives online marketers some pretty cool tools. That makes some of the heavy affiliate restrictions they throw down a little easier to swallow.

Take for example Google’s recent reveal that it will now display real-time content in its search results. Pretty cool, hey? The new search returns will appear in a separate search results section on the first results page. The new search category is called Latest Results, and it updates continuously for the entire time the user is on the results page. These real-time search results are also scrollable, so the user can view all the search hits rendered going back to the time they first opened the results page.

Live results are pulled from different media content sources like Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that Google partners with for real-time content. The search engine evaluates the quality and relevance of the content through a variety of analytics tools similar to those that determine Quality Score.

If you enter a search query and the real-time results and don’t pop up, don’t worry, Google is rolling this feature out gradually on select advertising verticals. Eventually it will be a universal feature.

This new real-time feature is another medium for affiliate marketers to reach their target audience, and while competition will be fierce to get on and stay on the “Latest Results” page, the ones who are able to succeed will have yet another tool for selling online.

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