Google recently published some numbers for its revenue share from both AdSense Content and AdSense Search. AdSense for content is the most popular AdSense service, allowing publishers to generate ads placed alongside web content. AdSense for search, commonly referred to as PPC ads, enables publishers to display paid ads alongside the organic search results.

According to the news release, AdSense’s content publishers earn 68% revenue share compared to 51% for search. Google keeps the remaining percentage for administration, R&D, and business development.

How is this important for affiliates? The 68% compared to 51% is a strong indication that using the content network is a significantly more cost-effective way to advertise than search. Combine that with recent evidence which suggests the content network is the best way to build lasting online customer relationships, and what you get is a powerful argument for using the content network in your campaigns.

Check out the Google news release here:

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